Vince Flynn Interviewed about The Last Man

Vince Flynn has been on TV and radio a lot recently.  He’s been doing interviews for his latest novel The Last Man.  I wanted to share this clip which Vince has posted on his official Youtube Channel as he gives both insight into the upcoming film aswell as his writing process in his new book.  Below is a transcript of the interview, apologies for any mistypes they are all mine!  Vince’s answers are in Italics

Welcome back the hot new page turner The Last Man opens with a graphic execution of four bodyguards and an invaluable CIA agent missing and with him top government secrets. It’s a mission, how do you figure it out, though not impossible for our hero CIA operative Mitch Rapp and of course have to be very careful who you trust on the inside
international best-selling author Vince Flynn wrote of course this fourteenth, did I get the number right – Yeah – thank you I’m glad i got it right this time how are you doing?  I’m doing well thank you It’s good to have you here. it’s a good tradition it is a great tradition, you’ve been here for every single and we appreciate you coming back.  Going back to ninety-seven August of ninety seven Wow so you have a good memory…
I had a chance to get this book about ten days ago and you know you always give us a little grief from saturday morning show that we don’t always finish the books but the last three I have.  It’s usually Perk and I don’t think he even starts them.  I love the guy but he’s not really a reader, I don’t know why he interviews authors.  I couldn’t put this down late in the week, I finished it Thursday
night and um… the middle towards the end is phenomenal, not that the beginning is bad or anything, but the bottom line is it’s not really my genre typically. Yep and there’s so many players involved in this and it is in Afghanistan right out of the bat.  So what I like the way you did it for me I don’t know for whatever reason the need for the novice is that every chapter right away you put yourself in a different place and then right away you know exactly crew which players were talking about you know. so thank you for doing that

You know i talk to inspiring writers and I’m like don’t try to create a new mousetrap.  I have a general rule of thumb when I start a new chapter and I try to keep my chapters short cause it creates a sense of urgency, is in that first paragraph you better let the people know the time the place the weather uh… all the little pertinent details and it’s not that hard to do.  You know it was warm, it was cold Mike walked into the room, whatever and you just kinda get the mood set and then you go ahead and get into the details but – I don’t enjoy that reading you know – I don’t want to work hard reading what happened to try to figure out where are they and what time of the day’s is it and where you know.

Because this whole of subject matter that you are of course diving into is right now Afghanistan, pakistan and the bad news is page by page what your reading is happening and that’s what kept me.  You know the the previous two books were prequels, I went back, you know I always want ed to write about Rapp in his twenties, how he was recruited how he was trained and i enjoyed doing that but then i was starting to miss the part of my job that I had fun with it which is trying to predict what’s gonna happen next and so i want to get back to the here and now so this is Rapp in Afghanistan right now and i had to sit down and kind of predict what’s Afghanistan gonna look like in uh… historically very difficult to withdraw from a military conflict like this, they take shots at you people who are your allies all of a sudden become your enemies and we’ve got a lot of thin allies as we’ve rolled through the deal, uh… people who as I discussed the book have been bought off with bags of cash to be our friends for you know a month or two months or a year or whatever.

and they know you’re leaving They know your leaving and Afghanistan is about surviving for those people.  So this touches on the green on blue violence which has become such an issue, such as you know a high-ranking military officer who is mary had an affair with the state department employee who’s married.  Now that would be amazing.

and an FBI agent who is really out of control and wants to take down an element within the CIA and is very very focused on and gets caught up in a, and doesn’t reveal itself tell the and then you can start thinking about on what’s going to happen and of it wraps up very nicely and i
have to tell you that uh… i love the fact that you have so many strong smart competent females and even more this book than others.  Well it helps being married to one, yeah I know absolutely.  You can kinda shape the character a little better.

Ok so I have a couple of questions, somebody asked this week a good friend of yours who read all your books, are you ever write a different genre down the road like kids books? You know my daughter Ingrid has shown some ability that she could be a good writer and so there’s a thought there that maybe I do something with one of the kids one day but I get paid extremely well to write these books, I love writing them.  The key for me is to just not get distracted for the moment I I I see other writers running around doing all kinds of different things and for me you know it’s why we still live in the twin cities.  I like my life fairly simple, live in a twin cities, still have all my friends, uh… write one book a year, get to hang out with Lisa and the kids and hang out in the community and not get wrapped up in this flying to LA and New York and all these other places every week.  Well its all about the balance and obviously the balance has led you to be able to continue to write and also the balance of course for your health has probably been just – yeah I uh… you know I’ve got a case of bronchitis right now, Lisa and I had a chance to go to New Mexico before the book came out and i felt great, I got back, I went to New York to do publicity for four days and I went right back in the tank and so now I’m trying to ease back into it and you know that I want to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family and um… and then i gotta start the next book
and otherwise your health Yeah you know, on the cancer front I’m in no pain, which is wonderful cuz I was a lot of pain there for a while
and on my numbers are good I I I go down to mayo every three or four months. I’ve a great doctor in the Twin Cities Bill Huston, a phenomenal doctor down at mayo doctor Eugene Quan and the two of those guys together take great care of me and my family and I’m lucky

a lot of people praying for you so that’s wonderful.  Yes well the prayers are great.  So the book American Assassin is going to be made into a movie.  Yes and it’s going to start in August and Bruce Willis is – Bruce Willis is all but signed, we’re negotiating the finest points, he approved the director, um… something happened where they went and threw a big offer for Chris Hemsworth to play Mitch Rapp $10 Million.  Well Chris Hemsworth that very week decides to switch agency and go to see a which represents Bruce Willis, so now he was gonna get paid more than Bruce Willis and it really created a problem cos you know Bruce Willis is one of the Biggest Actors on the planet.  Hemsworth bowed out last Friday because his schedule wouldn’t allow him to shoot so I think we’re going to lock-up Bruce and now we’re in the midst of searching for
the Rapp please go to the website and submit your choices.  I’m starting to think we’re going to end up with a relative unknown which probably not a bad idea because they can grow within the role.  Yeah, Bruce can run it, he’s so good, he can take the movie over and foster this new guy in Rappdom.  People are looking forward to it but in the mean time you can get the book and read it so congratulations once again always a pleasure being on the show we appreciate it, Vince’s new thriller is called The Last Man, it’s available at all major bookstores everywhere and as Vince was mentioning there are a few signed copies at Barnes and Nobles and also Once upon a crime so you want to go there and check it out we will be right back.

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