The Timeline

If you’re new to Vince Flynn, to get the full enjoyment from the books you should read them in chronological order.  Each book is a brilliant standalone story so this isn’t compulsory, but the characters develop a lot from book to book so the chronology is important.

Stand alone books

Term Limits – Term Limits is a stand alone book which doesn’t feature Mitch Rapp. You could read this book at any time but given the choice it is best to read first to meet some of the other characters before they worked with Mitch Rapp. Click here for the books synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

The Mitch Rapp Series

American Assassin – 2010 – American Assassin is a prequel the other Mitch Rapp books seeing how Mitch was recruited to the CIA. What type of man is willing to kill for his country without putting on a uniform? Kennedy finds him in the wake of the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack. Two-hundred and seventy souls perished that cold December night, and thousands of family and friends were left searching for comfort. Mitch Rapp was one of them, but he was not interested in comfort. He wanted retribution. Click here for the synopsis. Click here to Buy from Amazon

Kill Shot – 2011 – Kill Shot continues on from where American Assasin left off, continuing to chart the progress of Mitch Rapp to become the CIA’s top Counter Terrorism Operative. Click here for the synopsis Click here to Buy from Amazon.

Transfer of Power – 1999 – The first book in the Mitch Rapp Series. Mitch Rapp the CIA’s top counter terrorism operative is sent to the Whitehouse after terrorists storm it. With the president in the underground bunker it is only a matter of time, but who will get to him first? Click here for the synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

The Third Option – 2000 – Mitch Rapp is sent on a mission in Europe, he doesn’t realise he is being set up by forces within the US who want his death to cause a change of management in the CIA. But he refuses to die and now he seeks revenge. Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Separation of Power – 2001 – The Director of the CIA Thomas Stansfield is dead. In Washington there is a power struggle over who will control the CIA in his wake. While in Israel Saddam Hussain is close to having Nuclear Weapons. Can Mitch Rapp save the day? Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Executive Power – 2002 – Mitch Rapp’s cover is blown as the President announces that he is the USA’s most important weapon against Terrorism. Will he still be able to operate for the CIA despite now being at the top of every terrorists hit list? Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Memorial Day – 2004 – The CIA discover chatter that a major terrorist attack is planned for Memorial Day. The President orders Mitch Rapp to pull out all the stops to stop it. He traces them to Northern Pakistan and finds a room full of plans and maps leading to a freighters entering US ports. The CIA scramble to intercept, but was it all just a bit too easy? Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Consent to Kill – 2005 – The father of a dead terrorist wants Mitch Rapp dead. It will take all of his skill and experience to save him self and track down the people who betrayed him. Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Act of Treason – The presidential candidate Josh Alexander’s motorcade is ambushed by terrorists while he is on the campaign trail. All leads point to Al Qaeda but Mitch Rapp and Skip McMahon’s investigation leads to something much more alarming, right back to the heart of Washington. Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Protect and Defend – 2007 – Iran are spending billions of dollars developing their Nuclear program and Israel are tired of waiting for the international community to stop them through sanctions and committees so the launch a bold attack. The resulting radioactive damage leaves Iran outraged seeking vengeance on Israel and the USA. Can Mitch Rapp save the lives of 1000’s of Americans before time runs out. Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Extreme Measures – 2008 – Rapp and his protege Mike Nash are tracking three separate terrorist cells. All are determined to attack America but politicians are calling for Mitch Rapp and other CIA operatives to be kept on a short leash and not mistreat detainees. But one spring day in Washington that all changes. Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

Pursuit of Honor – 2009 Mitch Rapp is on the trail of the traitor within. Honour must be satisfied. In this latest action-packed addition to the Mitch Rapp saga, Flynn returns to the secretive world of fearless Americans who must risk their lives for their country’s security, fighting a covert war that can never be discussed, even with their own political leaders.  Click here for the full synopsis. Click to Buy from Amazon

The Last Man – 2012 – Mitch Rapp heads to Afghanistan to track down a missing CIA agent.  Has Rickman been kidnapped or are things worse?  Click here for the full synopsisClick to buy from Amazon

The Survivor – 2015 – Picking up from the end of The Last Man, Mitch Rapp is bruised and battered and must race against time to stop highly classified information about the CIA being leaked, the only problem is the man leaking the information is already dead.  Click to buy from Amazon

Order to Kill – 2016 – Rapp heads to Pakistan to confront a mortal threat he may not be prepared for. In fact, this time he might have met his match.  Click to buy from Amazon

Enemy of the State – 2017 – Due for release on 7th September 2017 – Enemy of the State is the story behind 9/11 – The enduring mystery of just who really was behind the 9/11 attacks in America has never been solved – but now Mitch Rapp thinks he has the culprits in his sights and he’s out for blood. Click to Pre Order at Amazon

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