Pursuit of Honor – Chapter One Excerpt

Simon and Schuster have published online the first chapter of Vince Flynn’s latest Mitch Rapp Thriller Pursuit of Honor.

Pursuit of Honor

Pursuit of Honor

The first chapter begins six days after a string of explosions rock Washington DC killing 185 people.  Mitch Rapp has been instructed to hunt down the terrorists, but first there is someone else he has to deal with.  Rapp has survellience on him and hears him divulguing highly classified secrets, which makes Rapps decision easy!

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Transfer of Power

Transfer of Power

Washington DC, 8:45AM the stately calm of the White House is shattered in a hail of gunfire. A group of terrorists has descended on the Executive Mansion, and gained access by means of a violent massacre that has left dozens of innocent bystanders murdered. Through the quick actions of the Secret Service, the president is evacuated to his underground bunker, but not before almost one hundred hostages are taken.

While the politicians and the military leaders argue over how to negotiate with the terrorists, one man is sent in to break through the barrage of panicked responses and political agendas surrounding the chaotic crisis. Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counterterrorism operative, makes his way into the White House and soon discovers that the president is not as safe as Washington’s power elite had thought.

Then he makes yet another chilling discovery…

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