Jennifer Aniston turns down role in Consent to Kill Movie

Gossip Cop has reported that Jennifer Aniston was linked to the Consent to Kill movie to play the female lead.  The tabloids are always keen to spread rumours regarding Jennifer and Gerard Butler (who is in the running to play Mitch Rapp) so perhaps it was only natural her name came up.  An insider for the tab said that “Jen was flattered but said ‘no thanks,”

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Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell, Matthew Fox to play Mitch Rapp

Things have moved forward with the Consent to Kill Movie.  We previously wrote that Antonie Fuqua is to direct the have now announced that CBS films have narrowed the Mitch Rapp possibles down to three – Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell and Matthew Fox.

Gerard Butler is the lead runner to play Mitch Rapp, he is currently in The Bounty Hunter which has just been released in cinemas and is best known for his action role in 300.

Colin Farrell is next up.  Having previously starred in action films such as SWAT and Miami Vice he is familiar with the role and is said to have impressed CBS Films CEO Amy Baer from his work in SWAT which she supervised while at Columbia Pictures.

Matthew Fox is said to be the surprise in the trio, as an actor he has never headlined a film this large with franchise potential, yet popular through the TV show Lost which will soon end freeing him for summer shooting.  He is also said to be the actor pursuing the role the most!

CBS Films execs are said to have had conversations with reps of actors that include Keanu Reeves, Eric Bana and Jon Hamm but the focus is on Butler, Farrell and Fox

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