American Assassin available to pre order in the UK

The wait is over! American Assassin, Vince Flynn’s newest novel is now available to pre-order at With Amazon’s price promise if you pre-order now you’ll pay the lowest price between today and the date of postage.
American AssassinThe other good news is that Amazon list the UK release date as the same date as in America!  October 12th.  Very little information has been released regarding American Assassin but from what Vince Flynn has said, It’s the birth of Rapp… how he was  recruited and trained, his first kill and his first act of  insubordination that lands him in the ultimate snake pit.  His superiors  back in D.C. know he has some unique talents, but even they could not  have guessed just how brutally efficient he would be at bringing the  fight to the enemy.

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