Consent to Kill Movie hits budget issues

In Vince Flynn’s latest fan newsletter (sign up at his official site he has cast doubt over the Movie adaptation of Consent to Kill.

He writes

CBS Films took a big hit with their first major release Extraordinary Measures.  Their second film starring J- Lo didn’t bomb, but it didn’t do great either.  All of this has unfortunately complicated the decision process over green lighting Consent to Kill.  Three months ago, it looked like we were on the verge of finally getting it done.  We had a slew of great male and female actors who were extremely interested in signing on, Antoine Fuqua had been attached as director and everyone loved the script.  Since then, CBS has gotten skittish over the budget and have begun to look for co-financing, which has put the project in a more complicated state.  One of the major studios in Hollywood has offered to take the entire project over, increase the budget and turn it into a summer tent pole movie.  They’ve floated Christian Bale as the lead, which is an extremely interesting choice considering what happens to Mitch Rapp in Consent to Kill.  While this has been an extremely frustrating few months, I have once again realized just how hard it is to get a movie made.  My esteem for the producers Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Nick Wechsler has grown immensely.  Their patience and dogged determination amazes me.  It is my hope that we will know one way or another by the end of June.

This raises several interesting points.  although CBS are looking for co-financing deals it seems promising that another studio is interested in the project, this must mean that the film industry have faith in the Mitch Rapp franchise!

Also Christian Bale as Mitch Rapp is an interesting choice, he started in several big budget film franchises including Terminator and Batman.

Fingers crossed CBS will sort out these issues soon, and production can begin!

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