Antoine Fuqua is given Consent to Kill

According to Variety Magazine CBS studios have signed Antonie Fuqua to direct the first Vince Flynn film which will be Consent to Kill.

Antoine Fuqua is best known for having directed Training Day.

Consent to Kill is an interesting first choice of book to turn into a film.  It is not the first Mitch Rapp adventure so it is expected that screenwriter Jonathan Lenkin will make significant plot changes.

The orginal books teaser reads as…

For years, Mitch Rapp’s bold actions have saved the lives of thousands. He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown he will do whatever it takes to win the War on Terror. He has become a hero to many – and an enemy to countless more. Now, the powerful father of a dead terrorist demands vengeance in its simplest form: an eye for an eye. He wants Rapp dead – and his hate-filled plea has found sympathetic ears. In the tangled world of espionage, there are those, even among America’s allies, who feel Rapp has grown too effective. They’ve been looking for a chance to eliminate America’s No 1 counterterrorism operative – and now their time has come. Rapp must use all his skill and ruthless determination to save himself before he can turn his fury on those who have dared betray him.

Check out the book on Amazon UK here

We’ll bring you more Film news when we hear it!  The big question on everyone’s mind is who will play Mitch Rapp!  Who do you think would be good?  Leave a comment!

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