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Term Limits

This page includes a brief summary on characters in Vince Flynn’s book Term Limits.  Although each description is brief invariably there will be several spoilers particularly where a character was only in the book for a short time.

Over the coming months we hope to create character listings for the rest of Vince Flynn’s books.  If you spot any inaccuracies, omissions, or additional information you would like to see next to a character please use the Contact form to let us know.

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Character Details
Arley, Pete FBI Special Agent
Andrews, Terry Secret Service Special Agent
Barnes Police Chief
Bassett, Tom Speaker of the House
Blake, George NBC News Anchor
Burmiester, Harold J Retired Banker who lives opposite Jack Koslowski.  Drugged one night so that his bedroom could be used for a sniper to assassinate Jack Koslowski.
Carlyle Previous Director of the CIA
Chambers, Susan Secretary to Congressman Michael O’Rourke
Coleman, Scott Mark’s older brother, former commander of SEAL Team Six, Runs the SEAL Demolition and Salvage Corporation
Coleman, Mark Worked on Senator Olsen’s Staff where he was Michael O’Rourkes room mate.  Killed by a mugger when walking back from work.
Delapena NSA employee
DeVoe, Bob Admiral,SEALs Force Commander
Dickson, Mark Presidents Budget Director
Dobbs, Charlie Watch Monitor in the CIA Operations Center
Dorle, Harry Secret Service Agent – Assigned to Senator Thomas Bassett (Speaker of the House)
Downs, Robert Senator and Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, murdered in Pimmit Bend Park while walking his dog.
Durmont Vice President of The United States of America
Elliot Secretary of Defence
Flood Joint Chief General
Fitzgerald, Daniel Senator, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee,  Murdered in his Washington home at the start of Term Limits.
Garrett, Stu President’s Chief of Staff
Hackett, Kevin Former SEAL, works for Scott Coleman
Hampson, Steve Secret Service Special Agent
Heaney One Star General working in the Pentagon
Hellerman, Senator
Higgins, Arthur Ex Head of the “CIA’s most secretive branch for 40 years”.
Holtz, Ray Reporter for the Post
Hopkinson, Ted Whitehouse Communications Director, unofficially known as the Whitehouse’s “Spin Doctor”
Jarod Freelancer taken on by Mike Nance
Jackson, Augie Friend of Seamus O’Rourke, served together in the Marines during WWII
Jarvi, Sam Former SEAL, current Naval Academy Dive Master
Jennings, Kathy An FBI Agent under Skip McMahon’s command
Jones, Art Secret Service Agent – Assigned to Senator Thomas Bassett (Speaker of the House)
Kennedy, Dr Irene CIA’s Top Terrorism expert, age 38, mother of one, PHD in Arabic studies and Masters in military history.
Kennedy, Tom Irene Kennedy’s Son
Koslowski, Jack Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Assassinated by a Sniper in his Washington home
Lageski, Kathy Secret Service Special Agent
Lester, Jim A Reporter, ABC’s Whitehouse Correspondent
Manly, Sally Secret Service Special Agent
Maxwell Major, works the Whitehouse National Security Desk
McFarland, Naval Officer with the rank of Captain, Unit Psychologist
McMahon, Skip FBI Special Agent, Agent in charge of the East Coast Quick Response Team (QRT)
Mitchell, Gus FBI Academy Firearms Instructor, ex Delta Force Commando
Moncur, Ann Whitehouse Press Secretary
Moore, Frank Congressman
Muetzel ex Senator – Stu Garret now lives in his Washington House
Nance, Mike National Security Advisor (to the President), a Graduate of West Point and former director of the NSA
Nanny, Madeline Deputy Director of the FBI’s Counter Espionage Department
O’Rourke, Michael Independent Freshman Congressman from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Age 32 (at the start of Term Limits).  Was on Senator Olson’s staff before being elected.  Graduated from the University of Minnesota where he played hockey, then went into the Marine Corps and fought in the Gulf War.  Awarded the Silver Star.  “Crowned” the most eligible bachelor in Washington by social columnists.
O’Rourke, Seamus Senator Michael O’Rouke’s Grandfather.  President and sole owner of the O’Rourke Timber Company.  Fought in World War 2.
O’Rourke, Tim Younger Brother of Congressman Michael O’Rourke and his Chief of Staff
Olsen, Alice Wife of Erik Olsen
Olsen, Erik Senator, Michael O’Rourke was a member of his staff before being elected
Roach, Brian Director of the FBI
Roach, Katie Brian Roach’s Daughter
Ryan, Patty Brian Roach’s Wife
Ryan, Bridget Intern at NBC
Scarletti, Liz A Reporter for The Washington Reader
Stansfield, Thomas Director of the CIA
Stansfield, Sara Thomas Stansfield’s Wife – passed away in Stansfield’s first year as director
Stein, Mark NBC’s Washington DC Bureau Chief
Steiner, Joe Secret Service Special Agent
Stevens, Jim President of the United States of America
Schwab, Matthew Aide to Senator Bassett
Strobe, Dan Former SEAL, works for Scott Coleman
Swenson, Nick A younger staffer of Congressman Michael O’Rourke
Thomas, Shirley Reporter for the Times
Tracy, Alex Director of the Secret Service
Turnquist, Burt Congressman
Turner, Mike A Reporter for CNN
Vanelli, Anthony Aide to Jack Koslowski
Wardwell, Dan An FBI Agent under Skip McMahon’s command
Warch, Jack Special Agent in Charge of the Presidents Secret Service Detail
Wilcox, Harvey Deputy Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Department
Williamson, Lisa A Reporter, Whitehouse correspondent for the Associated Press

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