Book Review: Clive Cussler Corsair

Corsair - A Novel From the Oregon Files

Corsair - A Novel From the Oregon Files

Corsair is the sixth novel in the Oregon Files series by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul.  As in the previous books the heroes are lead by Juan Cabrillo, the enigmatic captain of the ship “Oregon” a state of the art spy ship disguised as a non descript lumber hauler.

The teaser on the book’s cover says

Over five novels, Clive Cussler has brought readers into the world of the Oregon, a seemingly dilapidated ship packed with sophisticated equipment, and captained by the rakish, one-legged Juan Cabrillo. And now the Oregon and its crew face their biggest challenge yet.

Corsairs are pirates, and pirates come in many different varieties. There are the pirates who fought off the Barbary Coast in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the contemporary pirates who infest the waters of Africa and Asia and the pirates . . . who look like something else.

When the U. S. Secretary of State’s plane crashes while bringing her to a summit meeting in Libya, the CIA, distrusting the Libyans, hire Cabrillo to search for her, and the misgivings are well founded. The crew locates the plane – but the Secretary of State has vanished. It turns out Libya’s new foreign minister has other plans for the conference, ones Cabrillo cannot let happen. But what does it all have to do with a 200-year-old naval battle, and the centuries-old Islamic scrolls that the Libyans seem so determined to find? The answers will lead him Cabrillo full circle into history and into another pitched battle on the sea, this time against Islamic terrorists, and with the fate of nations resting on its outcome.

As with all Clive Cussler novels the story starts in the past in 1803 as Thomas Jefferson ceased the practise of paying tribute to the Corsairs (Pirates) and a battle raged between the Intrepid and the Corsair’s ship Saqr.

Fast forward to modern times and and the U.S. Secretary of State is flying out to a peace conference when her plane crashes taking with it any true chance of peace in the region.  Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon are sent in to covertly find the truth.  What they discover pitches them against scores of islamic terrorists as they battle against time to bring peace to the region and hunt for the last writings of Suleimann Al-Jama the leader of the Corsairs in the 1800’s

Corsair is a fast paced page turning read that is full of action and adventure.  For readers familer with Clive Cussler they will enjoy a new adventure for the crew of the Oregon which is possibly their most exciting read yet!  No experience of previous books is necessary though and this book is an excellent example of why Clive Cussler is one of the great story tellers of our time with 25 novels to his name and described as “The guy I read” by Tom Clancy.

Corsair is available in hardback from 26th March in the UK.

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